• Can you come to my Retirement Residence

    Yes. Our services are available to anyone, anywhere. If you are living in a Retirement Residence or Long Term Care facility you can hire outside agencies like TLC Muskoka Home Health Care to provide extra services.

  • What is a PSW

    A PSW is a graduate of an Ontario Ministry of Education approved post secondary programe. The course ensures that the graduate has completed 500 to 600 hours of course and practicum curriculum. The term personal support worker is used for a variety of care givers. At TLC Muskoka when we use the term PSW we are referring to graduates of an approved post secondary program. For non-graduates we use the term health care aide.


    For more information on PSWs see the Personal Support Network of Ontario - http://www.psno.ca/faqs.html

  • What are your rates

    Our rates depend on the service you require.  We can provide affordable housekeeping, meal preparations and healthcare support that will meet your need and budget.  Call us to arrange a personal visit so that we can discuss your requirements for home support.

  • Is your service covered by insurance

    Some of our services could be covered by insurance or government programs such as Veterans. Clients are advised to contact their account manager to see what services are covered.

  • Can you drive me to an appointment

    We do have some staff who are able to drive you to appointments and events in their vehicles.  Other staff can accompany you to appointments or functions in transportation that you arrange. If you have your own vehicle you can contact your insurance company and request TLC Muskoka staff are put on your policy.

  • Why do your staff have police checks

    In Canada, it is required that anyone who works with vulnerable citizens is screened by obtaining a record check by Provincial Police.


    "A vulnerable sector check is an enhanced criminal record check. This type of record check was created in 2000 to protect children and vulnerable persons and is governed by section 6.3(3) of the Criminal Records Act. "  For more information on the Vulnerable sector check go to RCMP Vulnerable Sector Check

  • Is there a minimum time charge

    Our minimum charge for personal support and nursing services is three hours. As Muskoka is a large district and TLC does not charge for Caregiver Travel time, our three-hour minimum allows you to have an unrushed experience and ensures committed Caregivers to be available for your service.

  • Can you come to my cottage on an island

    Yes, we can.

  • What is the difference between a RN and a RPN

    An RN is a Registered Nurse and an RPN is a Registered Practical Nurse. The primary difference is the length of course instruction. As a result of the more in-depth RNs are responsible for complex care situations.

    For more information see What is an RPN?